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Credit Refund Procedure

Serials staff will not ask for credit’s returned as checks.  We will accept credit memo’s, serials staff will input them on Voyager as if they were refunds, but will not need to apply them to specific invoices.  Financial services (admin) will take care of all of that.

Create memo (invoice) #
Specific to title
     • Use credit memo # followed by the word “credit”
     • Code is vendor code – Account is Serials
     • Date – use date credit issued
Enter Amount using – (minus) sign

Add line item – (search w/ already invoiced items for specific titles)
     • Add price using negative sign
     • Add note of explanation (why, year/issue, etc.)
     • Change fund (REFUNDS)
     • Specific titles would be invoiced separately if : canceled, duplicate payment, suspended, delayed publication
 Example – 0016159credit

Credit memo refunds non specific (rate adjustments, wrong amount charged,

discounts, etc.) to serial title – V. bib # 1720595
           • 45747refundebsco
           • 45747refundharr
           • 45747refundswets
           • 45747refundother

On credit memos – highlight
     • Credit memo #
     • Date of invoice
     • Price
     • Reason for refund – mark as specific or non specific

Add FY[year] Cont/Refunds

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